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Gauley River Marathon Rafting Trip

Quick Details

Person (ages 16+)

A Special West Virginia Rafting Marathon!

A double treat, this adventure starts with high-adrenaline rafting on the Gauley River’s Class IV/V rapids, including the infamous drop over Sweet’s Falls! This amazing marathon includes a catered lunch, usually with a great view of the other rafts, where you can cheer and witness the good, bad, and ugly attempts over the falls. After lunch, the excursion continues with a special extended trip down the Lower Gauley, with Class III/IV rapids that most people never see. It’s true 26-mile rafting marathon, ideal for experienced rafters!

The adventure begins by checking in at our BaseCamp and meeting the trip leader and your expert guide, who answer your questions and get you outfitted with a paddle, PFD (flotation/lifejacket), and helmet. Fall weather is variable, and wetsuits are available for rent if appropriate. On the bus ride to the river, we cover safety instructions, get you ready for what to expect, and give you one last chance to back out!

As soon as we reach the river, your marathon begins immediately as you enter Gauley River with dam water being actively released. Start paddling and feel that rush of excitement as the trip gets off to a quick start! The river terrain is impressive, with its huge boulders, dramatic drops, and quick changes in expanse and elevation.

We typically take lunch just after running Sweet’s Falls, with prime viewing of other rafts. We cheer their successes, wince at their failures, and celebrate their recoveries! Lunch is a hearty buffet, including build-your-own sandwiches, sides, snacks, fresh fruit, and dessert. (If you have special dietary needs, please notify us when you make your reservation so we can accommodate them.)

After lunch, we proceed down the Lower Gauley. This trip is filled with history about the Native Americans, Civil War battles, and the creation of the Summersville Dam (including the flooding of the Village of Gad). The trip ends in the quiet rolling countryside, where you board the bus that takes you back to BaseCamp.


  • Seasonal offering (Sept. – Oct.)
  • Class III/IV/V white water rapids
  • Ages 16+
  • Expert guide in your raft
  • Catered lunch
  • High-adrenaline extended day trip
  • Includes a drop over Sweet’s Falls
  • 9 a.m. meet time
  • 6 p.m. return time
  • Group and school rates available